USF-50 – Banknote Sorter


Banknote handling machines must deliver both high efficiency combined with speed and accuracy. Glory’s USF-50 offers high-performance sensors for fitness sorting and superb counterfeit detection, while processing at a remarkably high speed of up to 720 notes per minute.
With the demand for more efficient cash management within the bank branch ever-increasing, the USF-50 has been specifically designed to meet this requirement. A 2-pocket desktop sorter, which can meet all the demands of a modern banking operation, the USF-50 is suitable for any desktop application and allows extensive fitness sorting operations, even in small branches.
Denomination sorting – mixed banknotes are sorted by denomination to dedicated stackers.
Orientation sorting – the mixed banknotes are sorted by direction, such as face up/down and portrait up/down
Fitness sorting – banknotes are sorted by quality/fitness, detecting folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes.
Authentication – a range of advanced banknote scanning technologies for accurate and reliable counterfeit detection.

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