USF-100 – Banknote Sorter


Glory’s USF-100 currency sorter improves cash management efficiency by recycling the banknotes in the branch and reduces workload while achieving high accuracy and efficient productivity.

Recently, the demand has grown for more efficient cash management in branches, resulting in the installation of a banknote sorter at each branch. The USF-100 banknote sorter was developed to meet this demand for banknote recycling.

The USF-100 is equipped with both the high performance and easy operability of its higher-end counterparts, such as the UW-500 and UW-600.

  • Next generation sensors with superb counterfeit detection
    Banknote handling machines must deliver both high efficiency combined with speed and accuracy. Glory’s USF-100 offers next generation sensors for fitness sorting and superb counterfeit detection, while processing at a remarkably high speed of 650 notes per minute.
  • Ease of use and operation
    The USF-100’s display features two side-by-side LCDs, one for displaying data and messages and the other for use as an illustrated system guide. Wide display screens substantially improve visibility.
  • Efficient processing
    The large-capacity hopper holds 500 banknotes. Thanks to the Assisted Feeding Mechanism the hopper reliably feeds one note at a time to prevent jamming or high rejects due to double feeding. The open-type hopper provides visibility of the banknote feeding process so more banknotes can be added in continuous large-volume deposits.
  • Easier maintenance
    The USF-100 features a fully opening top that allows easy maintenance of the banknote transport section. Should banknotes or foreign objects jam in the counting or transport section, the wide-opening upper section of the main unit makes it easy to find and remove the jammed object.

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