CP-11 – Coin Counter


The Glory CP-11 is a user-friendly-compact coin counting machines that is capable of counting coin at a speed of up to 1,800 per minute. Featuring advanced functions in a compact and sleek design, the Glory CP-11 is very suitable for operation in banks, retail stores, and amusement facilities.


  • Large Hopper

The Glory CP-11 comes with a large hopper that is capable of accommodating of up to 2,000 coins at once. Applying a new feeding system this machine is very beneficial to reduce human intervention by automatic and hi-speed counting and bagging.

  • Rejected Coin Box

The Glory CP-11 is equipped with coin size adjustment knob to adjust the machine to the thickness and diameter of the counted coins. When the machine detects a coin with different thickness and diameter, it will automatically throw the coin into reject box.

  • Batch Counting Function

The Glory CP-11 is capable of batch counting, making it much easier for the User to count coins from 8 different denominations, from 50 to 50,000 coins.

  • Operation Display

The Glory CP-11 simplifies and ensures ease of operation with an LED Display located on the top of the front panel. User can monitor the counting progress based on 5-digit current count information and 4-digit batch number information displayed.

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