CCR-10 – Coin Counter


The Glory CCR-10 is a compact coin counting machine that is seamlessly designed and developed to be sleek and simple for efficient use of limited desktop space.

Offering exceptional functionality, operability, reliability and durability, the Glory CCR-10 becomes outstanding solution that meet with the needs of businesses in a wide-range of markets, including banks, casinos, distribution services, currency exchanges, armoured vehicles, and vending machine Users.


  • Large Hopper

The Glory CCR-10 comes with a large hopper that is capable of accommodating up to 4000 coins at once.

  • Separate Disks

The Glory CCR-10 has separate supplying disk and rotating disk, allowing the coins to flow smoothly at a speed of up to 1,800 coins per minute.

  • Batch Counting Function

The Glory CCR-10 is capable of batch counting, making it easier for the User to count the batched coins.

  • Panel Display

The Glory CCR-10 is equipped with large LED display for easy and accurate verification of count totals and preset values.


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