WR-500/90 – Coin Wrapper


Coin wrappers have become essential equipment for CIT/armoured carrier companies, mints and other industries that have a requirement to handle large volumes of coin. Glory’s experience in coin wrapping combined with a history of successful sales throughout the world enabled us to design the remarkable WR-90 and WR-500.
Rugged and reliable, these coin wrappers deliver top performance day-in and day-out. The high-speed WR-500 counts large volumes of coins and the normal speed WR-90 is versatile for any size of operation.
High reliability and durable design enables maximum uptime
With newly designed coin transportation and stacking units, the WR-500 and WR-90 have realised a smoother performance, and have drastically improved continuous operation.
Improved operability
Utilising a built-on LCD control panel, screen visibility and operability have been improved dramatically. The processing mode and data contents may be checked quickly and easily. Furthermore, an easy-to-understand illustrated operation guide provides accurate and applicable support.
Multi-language display
Different languages may be selected on the LCD panel, such as English, German, French, Spanish (default is English).
Advanced detection capability against forged coins and foreign materials*
Detection of forged coins and foreign materials has been improved. A non-designated denomination or foreign material coins are automatically rejected to a dedicated box. This enables the WR to maintain a speedy and accurate counting and wrapping operation.

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